Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Brain Works Overtime And Other Troubles [Exclusive]

So today is the big day. Yep, it’s April 23 and my favorite friend, the weatherman, is predicting a whopping six to twelve inches of snow. Now folks, a pile that high is just what we call a heap of frozen stuff. And I already put the two snow shovels up in the garage. It was seventy degrees last week! That’s Biblical type weather we’re having here now.

Have you ever noticed how the ear always likes to hear stuff that the brain says it shouldn’t really hear? That is a big problem because the ears ain’t got a flap for the brain to close when the ear goes to hearing this stuff. And then the mouth kicks in and wants to pass on the information the ears took in when the brain knows the two just ought not to be working on this problem. It happened to me just the other day. My ear commenced to hearing stuff that it really ought not to have heard. Well, the brain kept telling the ear to no avail so it kicked the mouth which told the fellow sharing this information that my ears really ought not to be hearing this stuff seeing as how they can’t control what they’re doing and such. Then my brain had to spend the rest of the day and some of the next working on the mouth to stay shut. With a couple of close calls we managed to make it through the whole thing without the mouth getting the whole works in a heap of trouble. But it took years and years of refinement for the brain to get that kind of control over the mouth which meant I took in a lot of trouble. Maybe that’s part of what we like to call wisdom.

Folks I got some other big news I wish I could share, but its just one of those things that my brain is telling my fingers in this case that it ought not to be putting out. But, I can say that this has been one roller coaster week. Those machines at my place of employment have been playing with me like a cat on a field mouse. I only hope that this time that field mouse found a hole and scurried on into it for now. But I know that cat is peeking in on me with those big glow-in-the-dark type eyes and such.

I noticed this week how it seems there are some people that just can’t mix with others. It is interesting to note that in a lot of cases they know that and just stay on opposite sides of the yard kind of like my two cats. But they sit there and hiss, holler, and such till one finally gets the idea it ain’t worth what they thought and moves along. It just seems that the good Lord wired me up so as it just don’t seem right when a person goes to feeling bad. But, I know how that works. I had this friend down in North Carolina that for some reason just knew I had somehow been digging in his hole and just couldn’t see it any other way. Now for a while we had been digging some ditches together, but somehow I think this other mule’s backside convinced my friend that my shovel had veered over into my friend’s back yard. Well way turned to way and I moved on. I heard my old friend is doing well and that makes me glad. As for the mule’s hind quarters, I heard he took off to another state and so that is well too. But you see how all that fuss just makes life a little rougher around the edges. And once again it is those mouth, ears, and things kicking in when the brain ought to be doing its job.

Well folks I got this machine at work that decided to kick some sand last night. The boys called me up and told on the poor guy so now I gotta go see what all the fuss is about. Just remember to exercise that brain so it can take on the ears and mouth when they get to doing things they just ought not to do.