Monday, April 25, 2005

The Bank And The Southern Democrat [Exclusive]

Now I know what the old saying counting your chickens before they hatch means. Last night we got some of that snow the weatherman has been yapping about. Luckily it was no where near the amount he talked about. Although it looked to be maybe an inch or two in the worst places and spotty on the fields, it never really affected the roads. So Monday moves on as most Mondays do.

Yesterday’s experience at work continues to teach me that I just haven’t reached the level I wished I was at when I contemplate both my wisdom and what I know about those machines. You see I showed up to check out some minor things and chew the fat with a couple of the contractors. And then when other things just didn’t go as planned (ain’t that always the case), my mouth started flapping before my brain figured out we had left the starting gate. I’ve already had to discuss this brain connection problem once and here we go again. It seems that the mouth seems to think we should look at the worse side of things rather than stop and think it through. So now I get to cash the check my mouth wrote. Granted I probably have enough in the bank it just bothers me a whole lot when I start having to pull down savings just because my mouth wanted to spend a little. A fellow once told me it was always good to be putting good deeds and words in the relationship bank because you never know when you’ll need to make a withdrawal. And as you already know from life, most times the withdrawal exceeds a single deposit so you better have a regular savings plan.

Folks I noticed another article in the hometown paper about one of the great sons of our county (country too) dying and his affect on our nation. Now I knew when he had passed but I hadn’t had the chance to share my thoughts. The paper was discussing the accomplishments of Senator Howell Heflin who also served in several other roles for the fine people of Alabama including Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Now the article mentioned the once great solidarity of the folks back home and the true Southern Democrat. The Southern Democrat was the kind of politician that looked out for their constituency and truly represented the people. Now I’m not talking about the racist bunch of yahoos that once infected various areas of our country. (I’ve seen as many of that type up North as I ever saw in the South. ) I’m talking about the down home individual that seemed to be in touch with the people of all types and not bowing to the feed trough of other interests. The kind of politician who walked downtown and took time to chat. Yeah, I imagine a few of those are left, but none like Senator Heflin. Last summer I was fortunate enough to have my daughter sit down and take a few pointers from the great senator. One day she will truly realize the aurora of wisdom that surrounded her in that visit. Rest in peace Senator. I only hope we find somebody who is worthy to carry your torch a little further along the path.

Well folks, try to put a little emotional change in the bank today. Share a smile or pat on the back with some people today and you may find some of that splattering back on you like bacon grease in the frying pan.