Wednesday, April 20, 2005

April Snow Brings May Flowers? [Exclusive]

Today was another one of those kinds of days you mark down on the calendar as unknown. That means I got through the day without really knowing which side of the bed I got up on. Now if that sounds dull then you got the message. It seems that all day we had meetings where we sit around a big table and talk about all we hadn’t got done but should’ve done had we had time to do it, but instead we sat down and talked about it. The boys down the hall did think they got that machine fixed that keeps breaking. But we hadn’t reached the record runtime of two days yet so the jury ain’t come back.

Speaking of getting things done I thought I should remind you of my “About me” things in case you just hadn’t took a notion to read what it says about me. In other words it seemed like something important to know if you going to bear reading this stuff. Most of the thoughts you read here are thoughts I thought of on my own and are not necessarily thoughts someone else thought of in the same words I thought of unless I told you I was borrowing what they were thinking. As such I do take pride in the thoughts I’ve been thinking and would kindly ask that we keep them thoughts written just right here in a document where I wrote it down. That’s a fancy way of saying I reserve any copyrights. But if you wish to be writing what I’ve been thinking then it is ok to think that way as long as if you use my exact thoughts you let me know how you’re thinking first so I can write up one of them permissions for you to use the exact thoughts I’ve been thinking. As such we’ll know you have some good thoughts that other people ought to think about as well.

One piece of depressing news that comes from living here in Ohio, the weatherman said today that it might just snow on Saturday. Now that’s not what I really wanted to hear. It seems that it can be 75 degrees one day and snowing two days later. We must be fixing to bear on one mega thunderstorm if the temperature is going to drop like that. I only hope this ear didn’t hear what the brain said it heard. And I thought we finally got through another one of them winters. But I did have to throw on an extra quilt last July. In fact this nice house we moved in doesn’t even have any type of artificial cooling (air conditioner) and we didn’t miss it last year. Now the boys back home in Alabama may have been sweating last July but they did have a bit of a chuckle when they saw the pictures of me shoveling that driveway.

Well I’ll just throw another quilt on the bed and recollect those hot summer days back home.