Sunday, October 30, 2005

The End of The World [Exclusive]

A newspaper recently published an article concerning the end of the world. If you are interested it may still be available at They invited a response to the question, “Is the world nearing the end times?” I was in the middle of writing my next entry when I ran across this article that provoked a different thought.

The question of the Earth’s demise invites a deep philosophical examination of both one’s core conscious and consciousness. In my opinion the answer can be found in both a religious and agnostic view and is more simplistic than the prophecies of Revelations or the mysticism of Nostradamus. In either approach one should concern themselves with the preservation of our Earth for our children rather than decree our own passing. If the existence of Earth lasts at least one hundred more years most reading this opinion will have definitively reached the conclusion. Yet, our future generations, the continuance of our own reality, will be left to deal with their inheritance.

The likelihood of a natural disaster destroying the Earth within the near future is fractional compared to the power capable of being unleashed in a moment of anger or misunderstanding. Our leaders sacrifice our future for the profit of today. We wage war in the name of crusades to justice rather than find a solution of cohabitation on this small biosphere known as Earth. If the end is near, whether we call it Armageddon or just a finale, it would seem we may have written the script in ways previously unthinkable.